Tropical Beauty


Tropinature is the website of Costa Rican photographer, author and scientist Julián Monge Nájera, born in 1960 and known for his work as a Scientific Adviser to the BBC (Sir David Attemborough's Trials of Life and Life in the Undergrowth) and the National Geographic Society (Article on Cambrian Life), and as Corresponding member of the Biogeographical Society of Paris as well as Director of the University of Costa Rica Press and the International Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation:


My mother bought me the camera I wanted when I was 13 (a simple Kodak Trimlite Instamatic 18 that soon was stolen from our parked car). My high school friends Carlos ("Doc") and Alex taught me how to use a professional 35 mm Yashica and how to use a darkroom when I was 17. I deeply thank all the girls who for love, friendship or money accepted to pose nude or dressed for me, as well as a few relatives and friends who also modeled every now and then. As in everything in life, I am quite glad to thank here my family, my friends and my staff.

Thanks also to the people who sent feedback and to Saelon Renkes for her advice when I published the first version of this website-gallery so many years ago.

Some Visitors' Comments

"Dear Julian,
"I checked your web pages again, and hooray, they were working just fine. I very much enjoyed getting to see all that work, and learned a few things in the process (I've not made much study of the history of photography, other than to learn how to do a few of the older processes). I'm delighted to get to know you better this way, and thank you very much for sharing so much of yourself along with your work. You have quite a few wonderful nudes there. Your images of Tatiana are particularly appealing to me. They have such a sense of intimacy and trust."
S.R., California

"Dear Julian,
I looked at the photographs and they are very, very nice. No, I am not too conservative about nude art photographs to appreciate them. But, of course, thank you for your "warning" as it was. You are right that some people have different views, so it is good to have that kind of warning, also to have it in your exposition, as you do."
S.H., Tennessee

"Hi Julián:
I saw your gallery of art photographs. I loved the one of the chair (is it a chair?)."
L.D., Costa Rica

"Hi Julián,
I loved your galleries. Congratulations for your creativity."
B.G., Berlin

"Hi Julián:
I am a woman and when I saw that you had nudes in your galleries I became a bit worried, but I saw them anyway and got convinced that the images and their treatment show a deep respect for women."
T.C., Costa Rica


I saw your photographs and I think they are excellent, congratulations."
K.R., Costa Rica