Smartphone Nudes

Smartphone Nudes

Nudes are always special, they can be liberating for model and photographer, they can “empower” in an oppressing environment, but they also imply trust and often, nerve. That is why I normally show my respect for nude models by using my best camera with them. But I felt curious about smartphone cameras, and the result of that curiosity is this series: Smartphone Nudes.

The new smartphone cameras are superb, often surpassing the best one could do with negative film in the days of the 35 mm camera. But currently (2015) they struggle with low light levels and the results are grainy and often with underexposed or overexposed areas, and that is what makes them a perfect artistic tool.

Unexpectedly for me, few models accepted to pose for a phone camera. Perhaps they felt that no good results could come out of that little experiment. Or perhaps it was because by the time I asked there were news about the so called Fappening, when smartphone nudes of celebrities were stolen and posted on the Internet. Smartphone nudes got a bad name and became associated with psychological violence against women. Curiously, though, the reason that famous and rich women take smartphone news is quite far from violence. In the words of Alan Duke:

"Actors spend months away from spouses and lovers while making movies. Musicians tour the world for months. Sexting can become a substitute for intimacy when a relationship goes long distance" (5 Things to know about the celebrity nude photo hacking scandal,, October

I hope you will enjoy these, non-leaked smartphone nudes, and that you, like me, will thank the ladies who graciously posed for them.

Julián Monge-Nájera

Tropinature, Costa Rica, 2015