Tropical Beauty: Nature
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Fungi. Costa Rica. 2014
The fungi in one of these photos made me think of a city of umbrellas. As a teenager I noticed the fungi growing in the Escazú region of Costa Rica (San José Province), where I went on field trips with the local kids, inspired to make ecological observations after I read the field methods section in Ramón Margalef's Ecology, which my mother had bought for me. I thought of studying fungal ecology at the university, but when I finally got there the conditions were not appropriate so I turned to molluscs and then, after finding out that nobody could identify the species I liked, to entomology (butterflies probably are the best known insects from the point of view of identifying species). I have published a scientific article on fungi, though Fungi and Insect Sex: Testing some Hypotheses about Laboulbeniales.
Hongo y gusano. Moravia, Paracito. Costa Rica. 2014
Large accumulation of fungi ighlands Costa Rica. 2014