Tropical Beauty: Other subjects
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Beach fun
Mistery Fog
One morning this mysterious fog appeared surrounding our home in Santo Domingo, Heredia, Costa Rica. I decided to make a panoramic view by compositing several photographs. In a decade living there we had not seen it before, and it was clearly not a low cloud or morning mist. Finally, the smell solved the mystery: it was urban smog that unusual wind conditions had brought from San José city. I do not know if the phenomenon was formally recorded but later repeated the photograph when the air had cleared up.
Real Typical Oxcart, La Perla, San Carlos. Costa Rica
Costa Rica is famous for its beautifully painted typical oxcart. Only one place in Italy has a similar tradition and the paintings are far simpler. Oxcarts defined the economy of Costa Rica, they connected the country to the world in the nineteenth century (products were taken to ports, and brought from them, in oxcarts). Oxcarts can travel mere mountain trails where no other vehicle can pass. They were the pride of a man, warned unfaithful wives of approaching husbands and were the equivalent of the backseat of modern cars for couples without access to a motel room. They even did what the modern driver-less car attempts to do, but with greater safety (yes, you can just sleep in the oxcart and the oxen will take it safely along the road). But probably they were not really painted like the typical oxcart until the early twentieth century. I photographed this real life oxcart in San Carlos, northeastern Costa Rica.
real typical oxcart
Remarkable Buildings. Costa Rica
I always liked this yellow church in Cerro de la Muerte, in the highlands of Costa Rica. Sadly it was repainted with different colors and now you can pass it without noticing it's there.
Rural Town People. Costa Rica
This would be a nice photographic project: visiting small towns and photographing panoramic views of the people during celebrations. They are a summary of the town's people in a single moment in time (at least of the kind of people who go to these celebrations). This can tell many things to the anthropologically oriented eye: what is the age composition of these people? Their ethnical backgrounds? The sexual proportion? What clothes do they use? And just imagine the value these images will have in a hundred years!
Two Tropical Seasons. Heredia. Costa Rica
Many people know that some trees lose their leaves during the snowy winter time. Less know that trees developed this capacity long ago in the tropics, to prevent water loss during the dry season. I noticed this in a park near my children's school and came back months later to see the contrast.
Two tropical seasons as lived by a tree