The nudes section deals respectfully and artistically on the female figure. The models mostly are engineers, scientists and others related with academia, from Latin America and the USA. I deeply admire them and I am most grateful for their trust. I gave them the images so that "they can show them to their grandchildren". I do not sell or profit economically from these photographs.


Portraits concentrate on the personalities of people from varied age and ethnic groups photographed mainly in Costa Rica and other parts of Central America, as well as Mexico. I never charged anyone for my work and they did not charge me for posing.


Landscape galleries present a variety of Neotropical ecosystems, from the coast to the highlands, from Panama to Mexico. They were taken by Julián the artist, more than by Julián the scientist, but if you look carefully you will notice they include some ecological insight about the value of nature. Tropical landscapes are much more varied than the rainforest and beaches that normally come to mind when you think of the tropics. These images are proof of that. They include from views of the landscape behind my backyards from two homes to landscapes from sunny Mexico; from sunny views from the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica to stormy weather in several parts of Central America.


The nature section presents scientifically organized images of Latin American animals, plants and other organisms. At about the same time that I trained as a photographer, I began natural history work. The result of my work as a biologist as the chance to photograph tropical nature in its most delicate detail. Here is a very small sample of my collection.

Many spectacular animals of tropical forests are seldom seen in nature. This is true of predators such as jaguars and coyotes, and of herbivores such as tapirs and pacas. The tourist is more likely to see the small jewels of the forest, such as these snails that may seem to be made of marble or sulfur, the dry forest caterpillars that in time turn into butterflies and the insects in the other photos.

I do not make a living from these images so I am glad if you use them in your magazine, book or website. All I ask is that you mention that I took it and that you email me so that I can add you to the list of people who have used my images.

Smartphone Photography

Smartphone photography is a 21st. Century mode of photography, made with the relatively simple cameras of telephones. The art is not in the camera, but in how you use it. Take a look and tell me if you agree.

Other Subjects

In the Other Subjects section, there are images that may interest you and that represent a great variety of subjects, from street scenes taken in tropical cities to a couple of frogs that I almost hurt when I parked the car one day. But do not worry, they are alive and well.