Tropical Beauty


In photography, practically anything you can imagine has been done before, from the bizarre to the “every day”, from the nude to the cosmos. For example, camera-less photography, which periodically returns as “the latest” (for example when good scanners became common at the beginning of the 21st century), was used by Talbot in Victorian England. He placed objects directly on sensitive paper and exposed them to light for a brief time: translucent objects such as onion layers produce beautiful impressions.

One of the first questions that I asked myself, particularly with the nude, was "what can I do that is original?". Imitators are rarely praised and we learn that Picasso, García Márquez or Botero, for example, were successful because they gave art their personal seal, producing respectively paintings, writings and sculptures that are different from anything done before. However, this belief simply reflects our ignorance of history.

Our ancestors painted "Picasso" style in caves more than 10 000 years ago, García Márquez does not differ significantly from Alejo Charpentier who in turn does not differ greatly from some 5 000 years old Assyrian and Babylonian texts and of course Botero's work is not different from Cro-Magnon sculpture that was in fashion more than 10 000 years ago in Spain, France and Slovakia.

A Lat in American photographer whose work is exhibited by the Organization of American States declared in an interview that he did male nudes because the female nude had been photographed so often that it was impossible to produce anything new.

I was tempted to quote many (mostly American) photographers who claimed, with the support of their local critics, that they had developed a new vision of, for example, the nude, particularly with the help of digital art. However, you just have to look at the work of the early French photographers to see that practically anything you can imagine, has already being done.

Similarly, more recent (or less old) trends that include from ugly or shocking scenes full of blood to feminist performing manifestos, all involving the nude, are no more than remakes of ancient rituals and other activities that we will identify if we care to search in a good library.

Fortunately, I had excellent history teachers in the university and did not lose time with the self delusion of originality in my approach. Instead of trying to please the critics, I decided to please myself.

Why do I mention this? Because instead of trying to please critics with pseudo-originality, I decided to please myself, but, as any other artist, I hope my work will also please some of you.

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