Onychophora Newsletter

No. 2 December 1988

Editor and publisher: J. Monge-Nájera.

Editorial Board: B. Morera, C.E. Valerio, J.A. Vargas

A Year Of Onychophoriana

As the Onychophora Newsletter enters its second year, we have reasons to feel optimistic: several persons contacted us to show their interest. This is reflected in the enlarged directory that you will find in this edition (available only in the printed edition for 1988, complete collection available at the Library, Natural History Museum. London. NOTE ADDED 1997), and there has been a fairly good number of publications, which are also listed in our new bibliographic section. There are also some not so happy news, since researchers Carlos Calvo and Mario Vargas have stepped out of the field without producing reports, albeit the first collected large numbers (above 100) of Epiperipatus isthmicola by giving higher marks to students who brought some to class. Stewart Peck retired from onychophoran stuides several years ago, but he is still interested and tremendously helpful when the need arises. Bob Mesibov is doing a nice and we think, pioneer work regarding conservation of the Tasmanian Onychophora. We have not heard from Allen Young and other workers but from our first directory, Drs. Reed, Campiglia, Walker and Ruhberg have produced fine papers, al though we have been unable to obtain reprints of some of them ( this has prevented publication of an abstract section). We hope next year that will be possible, particularly if our readers assist us in two ways: 1) by sending us the addresses of other interested persons - for example, we know there are several in Australia, but lack names and addresses- and 2) by sending information, including manuscript contributions for our next issue (NOTE ADDED MARCH 1997: AN ABSTRACTS SECTION IS AVAILABLE IN THE INTERNET EDITION). We thank you in advance for contributing to the Onychophora Newsletter, and particularly the editors of the Annuaire Mondial des Myriapodologistes for further broadcasting our interest.

** Manuscripts Accepted * *

The next issue of the Onychophora Newsletter will include signed articles. The newsletter is an excellent way to specifically reach those who are currently working or interested in the group. Manuscripts from amateurs are also welcomed, the only criteria for acceptance will be their interest to readers. Technical hints, research ideas, questions, requests and not too lenghthy reviews will make good contributions. Please write directly to the editors.