Patriarchal society dominates the world, but modern science has shown that the patriarchal view is obsolete, does not reflect modern needs or conditions, and violates human rights. The patriarchal society is based on the belief that men must control resources and power, and that women are an inferior subset of society that must be kept apart from power and be limited to reproduction (maternity) and home activities.

These beliefs are the bases of, for example, Christian and Muslim societies, and repress eroticism and sexuality through censorship, law and economic pressure, among other mechanisms. Patriarchal societies typically oppose nudity in art and media, condemn extramarital sex and birth control, and attack sex workers yet force some people (mainly women) to be sex workers when no other option is left to them.

This website presents information on censorship in a specific case in Latin America and will include studies on how female sexuality and eroticism are affected by the patriarchal view in the media within that regional context..


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