Hunger Games

Hunger Games

The use of competition shows as a social escape valve has been widely used by various governments, at least since the time of Roman theaters when gladiators fought to death.

Althoughnowadays this function is mainly performed by soccer, the closest gladiator spirit is found in boxing, with about 1,500 documented deaths, according to Joseph Svinth statistics in the Journal of Combative Sport. Thus in effect our society supports televised deadly competitions and the fight shown in the movie is viable from a sociological point of view.

In this film, we see small flying robots capable of carrying medicines to isolated people in the woods. It is also scientifically correct and it is a technological version of the myth of the St. Bernard dog carrying the barrel of liquor to victims trapped in the Alps (which, is just a myth).

There are already flying robots, drones, able to reach by themselves a distant place and deliver shipment, but so far they have been used more by the military to find people and kill him with explosives.

Finally, the ability to create an entire landscape and deadly animals with a computer and simply print them in 3D is just fantasy, but is inspired by printers like the Form and the Felix, printers that are already for sale and allow printing small stages and even weapons able to fire real bullets. But lethal carnivores, fortunately not!