I am going to start with the easy part of Looper: moving objects with mental energy, without any physical contact with those objects. This ability presented in its does not exist, despite all the movies, books and even fake scientific papers that say otherwise.

The best proof that all paranormal fenomena are imaginary is that the prize of one million dollars from the James Randi Educational Foundation is still available. It is offered to anyone who can demonstrate telekinesis, telepathy and and other "paranormal" phenomena. So, I am wondering if future technology might give us that capability, and the answer is a resounding and unexpected ... yes!

There are already sensors of the electromagnetic activity in the brain that can associate an electromagnetic pattern with an action such as moving the computer cursor on the screen. Therefore, it is theoretically possible to place a remote transmitter to operate a robotic arm with the purpose of moving objects just by thinking about it.

Sending victims to to be killed in the past, so that the murderers can escape is contradictory because if they died in the past they would not be a problem in the future. This is not a new idea in science fiction. The interesting thing about Loopers is that it shows the extreme contradiction of punishing with dead those who do not want to kill themselves. Something similar to a law punishing with death any suicidal individual.

The neat idea here is that anyone who does not kill in 2010 their self from 2050, will be murdered immediately and will not live those additional 40 years. This idea is what makes this film so valuable and unforgettable.