Men in Black III

Men in Black III

In Men in Black III, a trip to the past creates an alternate reality in which Agent K, who is alive in this reality, dies.

Because the subject of changing the course of history is so popular in science fiction, I have had to talk about it several times in Del Tubo a la Lata. A great candidate is the much hated Adolf Hitler, though we can only assume that killing him would have been better for humanity. The question is only academic, since nothing in modern physics indicates that it is possible to travel back in time to kill someone, even though the pioneer of that issue was one of the victims of Nazi persecution, the physicist Albert Einstein.

Although in theory you could make a time machine to take us to the future, the ticket would be one way only. We would have to stay there, like it or not. In The World of the Red Sun, Clifford D. Simak presented that possibility in a dramatic and contemporary way, even though that story was written in 1931!

The history of Men in Black III depends on that trip that current science declares impossible. Another problem in this film is that the agents fly with rockets in their backs. At the speed they move, without protective gear, the strong wind will damage their eyes, they will suffer hypothermia and possibly will lose consciousness by strong accelerations. But we can give points to the film for its moon prison. At least since Napoleon was sent to Santa Elena it was clear that isolated places are the best prisons, and certainly the moon meets this requirement. I liked the first two films of these series more, but the audience left more millions at the box office at this movie and there must be a reason.